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For Thomas

Now Ness without the "dreds."

I got his shirt wrong in one of these.

Someone who knows Mikie...

make sure he knows about this.

What the hell IS this? It (almost) must be a parody.

Hey Thomas,

If you have the Garden State soundtrack, can I borrow it?


(I should probably use facebook for this stuff. Sorry.)

Back from New York

I feel about it like I felt about Tokyo. Didn't see enough. Need to go back. Need to take Severin.

The gameshow was fail, Marvel was fail, ten minutes at DC made up for it!!!

I stayed in a hostel for the first time. In the three days I was there, ten or so people rotated in and out of the seven other beds. I think I was the only one who'd been born in the US. There were two Swedish girls who lived up to the Swedish stereotype of being hot, and to the European stereotype of smoking lots. Like, smoking the cheapo stogies that come in a four pack and have plastic tips, just like my dad used to. There was a boy there who came from Tokyo, though (for some reason) I felt too shy to mention I'd been there.

The stereotype about New Yorkers being rude was soundly disproved by every New Yorker I met, from the scary subway man with broken-fence teeth and knit cap (who helped me find the train I needed to take to Columbia--unasked!) to the street vendor who opened his own wallet so he could give me a two-dollar bill as part of my change, to the lobby attendant at 1700 Broadway who did everything he could to help me get upstairs to see Mark Chiarello (including pep-talking me into calling the guy one...more...time.)

And the beggars in New York are so charismatic sometimes, it's hard to even think of them as beggars. A poet got on the train between one subway station and the next, and wove a rhythmic tale of his coke-addled mom and his absent dad. He handed copies to us listeners, sometimes trading them for dollars, before making a perfectly-timed exit.

Coming out of my shell

Yesterday, I said words to Scott Kurtz and Dave Kellett. They are two men who have the job I would describe as my dream job--they support themselves drawing webcomics. They do a webcomics-themed podcast I listen to often, and after they gave their lecture, I had their guidebook ready to sign.

I despair of ever being friends with artists I admire. I'm too self-conscious to say anything but the most formal words. Blah.

Today, though, I made two phone calls. One to a Marvel editor, one to a DC editor. I didn't manage to make a firm appointment with either, but they both told me to call when I got to town. I'm scrambling to get coloring samples together.

At this point, I would be quite content if I actually managed to see both editors face to face.

New York (WTF?)

Due to a strange chain of events, I'm going to New York for a few days later in October.

My grandpa is an avid watcher of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and has been wanting me to audition for a while now. I finally figured out how to get tickets to a taping(you audition afterward), and received a confirmation email. So I'm flying from Savannah to New York on October 22, on his generosity.

Considering what a long shot it is to be selected for a game show, I'm going to bomb Marvel and DC with colorist submissions while I'm in town.

Then again, competition is probably at least as fierce for a job with either of these publishers as it is for Millionaire. :P DC in particular is wary of unsolicited submissions.

But I'd kick myself later if I didn't give it a shot! The only downside is I'll be by myself.


When we were in sixth grade, my English class was broken into groups and asked to imagine a scenario.

It's known that very soon, the entire human population will be wiped out, except for twenty people of reproductive age and in good health, and five leaders. You may pick one person from each of five professions (artist, lawyer, systems analyst, etc) to act as a leader.

The 'leader' needn't necessarily be a leader (like a CEO, a politician) but merely someone who the survivors would find useful (like a doctor.) If we wanted, we could make all five different types of doctors, or different types of clergy, or birthday clowns or whatever.

I don't remember what types of people my group chose, but these are the five I'd choose today.

1. Doctor (probably a GP, knows how to set a broken bone, give an injection, diagnose common illnesses.)
2. Farmer (or "agriculturalist")
3. Engineer (the type who knows how to fix an engine, not necessarily the type that oversees factory efficiency, builds bridges, designs airplanes, etc)
4. Hunter/marksman
5. Musician

I'm not sure about 5. Talk me out of it? If I could replace 5 with "communicator" I would, but what kind of a profession is that? I guess what I need is a D & D style bard to round out the party. :P

4 is also iffy. You point the gun at the animal and shoot until it falls over, right? Then you cut it into pieces and cook them, right? Doesn't sound that hard.

Hey Thomas,

I randomly was thinking of poor Jamie, and I made a thing. I didn't remember how it went, so the note is random scribbles.

Book about Anthrax

I finished reading a book about the anthrax vaccine recently. It's good. Anyone want to borrow it?

It begins...

So begins chapter 1 of my comic, Scrulouse. I'm afraid it won't be as funny as the crack comic right away: as a matter of fact, it starts with a funeral. That said, it will be entertaining, enlightening, and embedded with chocolate chips.

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