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Avatar Predictions

After watching the rest of Avatar season 2 with Cari--and episode 1 of season 3, Sev and I got talking in the car. He was certain Uncle Iroh's days were numbered. I thought the writers would be too cool to kill off Iroh just to spur Zuko's character development. We ended up putting money on it.

Arriving back home, we each made several more


Lord Ozai becomes "main villain," Azula is downplayed and develops sympathetic traits.


It will be revealed Ozai killed Zuko's mother--or Azula will make it appear so, so she can use Zuko to take out Ozai and assume the throne.

Little romance will develop aside from Aang/Katara's deepening relationship.

Iroh trains Aang in firebending.

"Return" of the air nomads(this idea fits with the "balance" theme. It's hard for the world to be at balance with an entire nation missing from its elemental canon).

My Predictions:

It will be revealed that Azula was directly responsible for her mother's death.

Zuko will have to intervene between Ozai and Iroh to save Iroh. (Sev thinks that Zuko will be given this choice, but he could be saved from making it by Aang showing up.)

Azula will be redeemed, rather than killed or driven mad.

Someone (besides Aang) will learn to bend a second element. Or a person from Nation A will learn to bend element B. (Sev and I have money on this one, too. I think this is a big problem with this world's logic, and they can't go on not addressing it.)

Zuko will attain inner harmony and be able to bend lightning.

Iroh will assume the fire nation throne. (Wishful thinking--he'd be a great leader, but he wouldn't want to.)

Katara and Sokka's dad is going to die.
(Severin thinks he'll lead an eleventh-hour rescue squad and pull our heroes' bacon out of the fire.)

Jet's dead as a doornail. (Severin and I disagree. He thinks the fact we never saw Jet die means he lived. I think it's clear he's dead at the end of season 2. I wanted to bet Severin that Jet was dead, but we couldn't decide the criteria for "proof." The way Severin put it, Jet is Schrodinger's cat until he either makes a reappearance or they visit his grave. If neither happens, the question will remain unresolved.)


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Jan. 16th, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
My Geekmeter's About To Explode!!

My only (non-spoiler) comment about Season 3 is that I feel Iroh was under-used.

You two are very good viewers! Every cartoon should hire you aboard as quality control.
Jan. 16th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Re: My Geekmeter's About To Explode!!
But we don't get this way about every cartoon! The only show I've ever seen I put this much thought into was Evangelion.
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